This adventure lasted from 2007 until 2016 where we thought that it was now time to try different things in life, and so we did. We are now spending time on the Spanish eastcoast instead. We did not stop RVing because we did not enjoy it any more, because we can honestly say that we enjoyed every minute of it. It was just time to enjoy other things as well.


For around 10 years we travelled to the US from Denmark for 6 month every year, and we have been to an awful lot of places - especially since we rarely spend more than 3 to 4 days in each location.

So why did we come back for 10 year repeatedly we are often asked. Well - there are several reasons for that.


Firstly, we have meet so many RVers on our travel, that we today consider good and long life friends. That brought us back first of all. If you happen to be a Monaco RV owner we would like to recommend that you join the big RV event at the end of January in Quartzsite Arizone every year. Here is a where a large group of Monaco RV owners meet up in the middle of the dessert and share their knowledge and passion for their RV's. Look up www.irv2.com in the Monaco section and in the "stickies" you will find the reason why we kept coming back to the Arizona desert.


Our first RV real friends, when we were "young and innocent" was Susan and Russ (aka "The King"). Great friends !! Russ taught me how to play golf and I taught Russ how to drink. Ok Russ - my golf is non-exisisting these days due to a variety of healty problems. How is your drinking progressing ?


Monaco Mama introduced us to many of our Monaco friends. Bill W is one of them.


Our friend Mike Fetter (aka Drifter) is solely reponsible for us meeting some of our long life friends In Quartzsite. A big thank to Mike and Sharon - amazing people who will give you the back of their shirt if you needed it.


Bill Willard tought us everything we know about RV maintance and we love the lovely Ryby to bits. We love that bill and Ruby is very safety minded and enjoy their safety meetings on Fridays.


Harry "happycarz" - the motorhome wizzard always introduced us to exciting and advanced upgrades


Hal and Ginny has been our closest friends now for years, and we will keep visiting for as long as we can. That goes for "the girls" as well obviously.


Roy and Debbie put us up when we needed it most, when we had to quit RVing. I want you garage Roy, but that's another matter entirely.


Luke and Kathy are our friend that make us think about what is important in life. They are great thinkers that makes you reflect on what you are doing and why? keep doing that please.


Rick and Joan accepted us for who we are. Thank you for that. Keep you Q hair on Rick - otherwise we won't recognce you.


Texas Boomers invited us into their group and here we have many friends. Thanks to Madame Boomer especially who made us "honorary members" since we fell short of having been born in the Great State of Texas.






Great thanks to all our RV budies whereever you are.


We truely miss our RV days and we truely miss all our RV buddies - not just a little bit, but a lot.


Through our travel we have seen many things, and we have seen a lot of change since we first came to the US in the late 80sh. We enjoyed the improvements in some areas and was depressed about the decline in others. The change in around 30 years has been dramatical, and that is a bit frightning considering the evolution of our civilitation as a whole.