RV setup for sale:

Our RV and tow car will be put up for sale in the spring of 2016. At that point the setup will be located in Phoenix Arizona and could potentially be taken over around the 1st. of April.

We would very much like to sell our vehicles when we leave the US at the end of March 2016, and for that reason we have come up with a bargin no-haggle price. The motorhome will be sold for

$95,000 CASH

Update 18th December:
The motorhome has been sold.

which is approx $25,000 less than NADA suggested retail price. If you are interested in a tow car that goes with the setup, our low mileage 2007 Saturn Vue can be added for $5,000. This will make up a complete package - ready to head out.

If you are seriously interested you can send us an e-mail on info@winnebago.dk and we will get back to you.

Please notice and respect the following: We are ONLY interested in selling to private individuals. That means no dealers and no consignment.

Both vehicles are registered in Montana in a LLC. We, the owners, are non US resident, and owning the vehicles through an LLC was the only way forward when we bought them from new in 2007.

For now we can say that we are the first owners of both vehicles and that we bought them in 2007. No pets, no kids, no smoking, no shoes and everything has been "religiously" maintained.

We can produce a maintenance record. In general the motorhome has had an annual lube plus an oil and filter change by Speedco. In between these services we have ourselves undertaken additional lube of the driveshaft and other critical areas. Current mileage is 66,000.

Fuel-wise we have recorded an average usage of 8,4MPG over the years. We tend to go 62MPH on the Interstate roads (this is the sweet-spot for the engine) and 55MPH on the highways.

Click here to see photos of the Diplomat.

Click here to see the factory specification for the motorhome.

Click here to see the original build sheet for the motorhome.

On our website you can get additional information, and also see what we "have been up to" since we bought the Diplomat in 2007. If you are familiar with the forum www.irv2.com you may know us already. We have been fairly visible in the MONACO owners forum.

We have improved a lot of things on the motorhome over the years, to the extend that most of the OEM equipment that was either "missing" according to our needs, or was substandard according to our own higher standard has been fitted and/or replaced.

Here is a list in no order of importance:

  1. In-line surge protector by power reel
  2. Horton fan fitted to engine (makes engine fan run only when needed which saves fuel and is less noisy)
  3. Support for tank for leveling jacks fitted.
  4. Jack tank fitted with “snorkel”.
  5. Aluminum shelf fitted by jack tank.
  6. Vehicle frame undercoated.
  7. Flush-out points fitted to both grey- and black tank.
  8. Battery Quick-fill system fitted to house batteries.
  9. Battery Echo charger installed (charges both battery banks).
  10. Sun-Saver Duo solar control panel including remote display fitted. This display is located next to OEM displays.
  11. OEM solar panel replaced with bigger panel.
  12. Original OEM panel is now mobile and can be connected alongside of the roof mounted panel when needed.
  13. Original fluorescent ceiling lights has been replaced with LED puck light fittings.
  14. Build in spotlights has been fitted with LED bulbs.
  15. OEM ceiling speakers has been replaced with quality Pioneer speakers  and a sub-woofer has been added.
  16. Residential Sony amplifier has replaced OEM amplifier.
  17. A DirectTv recorder is ready for you to to install (if you have one). Just hook in up.
  18. King Dome arial is fitted (not in use currently)
  19. Motosat HD satellite dish and a Nomad 3 box is installed.
  20. Samsung HD TV has replaced the original TV - current TV is from November 2015
  21. New quality faucets has replaced the OEM faucets.
  22. A Splendide washer drier has been installed.
  23. Stainless support “skies” has been fitted underneath 2 of the 4 slide-outs. These prevents the slide-out rollers from “chewing up” the bottom of the slide-outs.
  24. Norcold fridge/freezer has been fitted with an Amish cooling unit.
  25. A water filter has been fitted on the ice maker.
  26. Additional storage areas and shelves has been fitted in multiple places throughout the entire RV (too many places to mention).
  27. Drawers on slides have been added to the kitchen cabinets.
  28. Hinges has been added to doors and lockers that was otherwise fixed shut by the factory.
  29. Blue Ox tow bar system
  30. Tiretracker system for RV and toad (monitors tire pressure and show this on small screen).
  31. TomTom GPS for the driver and a Garmin GPS for the codriver.
  32. Quality Euro chair replaces OEM chair.
  33. True sine inverter replaces original modified sine inverter.
  34. Extra smoke alarms and fire extinguisher installed.
  35. Wilson roof aerial and cellphone amp is installed.
  36. All 4 toppers has been / will be replaced in January 2016.

The toad is a Saturn Vue (2 wheel drive) with low milage. It is completely set up with a blue Ox tow package. It is in overall very good contritione. It is fitted with the Honda VTech 3.6L engine which makes it plenty powerful. Current mileage is 56,000.