Our Photo Gallery

Below you see our "baby's". The photo is taken at Daytona Beach in August 2007.

Total length of this setup is approximately 19 meters and can be driven in North America with a normal car drivers license as long as it happens non-commercial.

Our friend Benny - who owns 50% of the setup - was sitting at the dealerships site for 3 weeks waiting for a whole list of faulty and missing items to be corrected. This turned out to be a marathon task since the dealership's interest in solving these matters appeared to be very limited for some reason.

Benny eventually gave up on having some of the minor things replaced/repaired. When leaving the only major thing that was outstanding was a missing power supply to the easy chair and a broken glass in one of the bay windows.


Should anyone consider buying from Lazy Days we would strongly advise that a through Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) takes place prior to handing over our money. Once the dealership is in possession of your cash, their interest in you as a customer disappears completely.

We also had various items installed by Camping World who is adjacent to Lazy Days. Unfortunately it turned out that the staff at Camping World are both rude and technically incompetent. Example: They installed our King Dome satellite aerial incorrectly and it took 2 re-visits to have it put right. This is completely unnecessary when paying for professional service by a supposedly reputable company.


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