Welcome to our Web site!

This is our story about our retirement and our long time ambition to tour The United States, Canada and maybe even parts of Mexico.

Who are we?

We are 2 retired Danish people living in Denmark. Our place is approximately a 1 hour drive outside the center of Copenhagen.

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We are both in our early sixties and we have decided that it is work wise time to gear down and start enjoying ourselves while we can. We have seen so many examples of close friend and relatives for whom it is to late to do what they planned for themselves, and we are determined that this shall not happen to us.

Take a look at this picture. Does this look familiar to you? This, we think, is very symptomatic for most people and this is is what we are trying to "short circuit" by doing what we are doing.

Why are we travelling like this?

From 1985 until 1996 we was living and working in England and in 1990 we took 6 months leave from our respective jobs. We went to the US and traveled through more than 30 states driving 20,000 miles in the process. We bought a full size Ford Bronco and a large travel trailer and went all round North America. We really enjoyed this and when our 6 months was up we decided that someday somehow we would repeat this adventure, Well, this time has now come seventeen years later.

Back in 1990 we went sightseeing, scuba diving, golfing and skiing just about everywhere we could and we plan to do exactly the same thing all over again. There are still many places that we haven't seen and there are places that we would like to see again.

We are very open minded (well - to a degree anyway) and we get along with most people. In our experience most American's are equally open minded, especially the people you tend to meet at tourist places and camp grounds, and we enjoy both listening to other peoples stories and telling about "our neck of the woods". You make some friends for a few hours or a few days and then you move on. Life is easy!! What more can you ask for?

By the way - the picture you see at the top of this page is showing the vehicles that will take us all round North America.

Where have we been so far:

Here you see a map of the states we have visited up til now (march 2008). As you will appreciate we have been to quite a few places already. We are however not done yet. There is still plenty to see, and other places we just have to go back and see once or twice again.