Our RV setup

Here we will tell you a bit about why we have bought the RV setup that we have, and also tell you about some of the challenges that arises when you want to travel like this in the US as a non US resident. We hope that this will assist others who share our passion.

The joint ownership of vehicles:

An old friend of ours, Benny, had been thinking about spending some time on the road, and when we came to visit him in Canada in 2006, we talked about buying an RV together. The idea of this would be that rather than having 2 RV's that both would spend 6 month or more in storage, we could jointly buy one RV. We would then be able to get an RV that potentially could cost twice our original individual budgets.

During early 2007 we continued our talks and one day around April or May, we realized that the Monaco Diplomat PAQ that we had been looking at, would be discontinued. Rumors had it that this model was not selling as well as other models. On top of this, Monaco had to install a new version of the 400HP diesel engine that they have been using and we rather liked the old version. Benny then sprang into action trying to find a model PAQ before it was to late.

Click on the picture to see how the car is attached to the pull system.

We fund one through DeMartini in California and Benny made a verbal agreement with Tim DeMartini that they would hold this a short time while we made our way to their site. Benny made arrangements to travel from Canada to their site near Chicago. We also made our plans to come from Denmark to the DeMartini site but just as we was about to buy airline tickets Tim DeMartini telephoned Benny and told him that one of his sales rep's had sold the motor home - this despite our agreement. Very disappointing as you can imagine. Tim DeMartini promised that he would try to find another PAQ for us - we never heard from him again. We have heard a lot of nice things about DeMartini but Tim - you let us down badly.

Then Benny spoke to Lazy Days in Tampa Florida and through their network of dealerships they located a new PAQ for us. We send them a deposit on the motor home and within a few days Benny flew down and a deal was struck. We do have to mention that after sales repairs by Lazy Days was a disaster and we would not buy anything from them again.

Shortly after that we found a Saturn Vue to be used as a "toad" (towing behind the motor home). The Saturn is especially suited to tow "4 down" (all wheel on the ground when towed). It will require a base plate to be fitted to the car chassis for towing purposes along with a separate braking system for the car. This was then purchased.


Should anyone consider buying from Lazy Days we would strongly advise that a thorough Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) takes place prior to handing over our money. Once the dealership is in possession of your cash, their interest disappears completely.

We also had various items installed by Camping World who is adjacent to Lazy Days. Unfortunately it turned out that the staff at Camping World are both rude and technically incompetent. Example: They installed our King Dome satellite aerial incorrectly and it took 2 re-visits to have it put almost right. This is completely unnecessary when paying for professional service by a supposedly reputable company.

The setup

We bought a 2007 Monaco Diplomat model PAQ - 40 ft long

Monaco Diplomet - current model

Our "toad" is a 2007 Saturn VUE - 6 cylinder, 3,6 liter and automatic transmission.

Saturn Vue - no longer produced